the end of an era // Worlds 2016

One more time.

You have 2 times left. 5 minutes on the mat. That’s all.

10 years ago you started this journey and practices never ended.

Until yesterday, your last standing tuck in the gym. Your last performance. Your last time.

You have sacrificed everything for a dream that only you can see.

You spend hours upon hours working to get a skill.

You have fallen on your face more times than not, but you got up every time.

You have trusted your bases and you made your flyer feel confident.

You listened to your coaches.

You put your heart and soul on the mat.

You did everything to be the best athlete.

You worked harder every day and you never gave up.

You went full out over and over until it was right.

You showed yourself and your team that you are not mentally weak.

You learned a million lessons and you tried your best.

You put in the work.

You did all you could in the gym.

Now you travel to Orlando.

ESPN Wide World of Sports.



The end of an era.

Make it count.



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