before you step into the arena

Remember this is just like practice. With that being said you’re more than prepared. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Your coach wouldn’t put you on the floor unprepared and you are here because you are truly the best of the best. Control your emotions and truly enjoy each moment. You only take the stage so many time so make sure this time is perfect.

Stay calm. Your mom isn’t the reason your hair wont’t curl or your eyelashes won’t stick, don’t yell at her. Staying calm will lesson the stress of your whole team as well. The calmer you are the better you will do. Do what you normally do. Stick to your normal routine. You don’t have to do more. 

Walking in. Meet your team and stay focused on the goal. Know that no matter what your team is your family and you have to work together to accomplish the goal. Be ready to go. Make sure you eat something and listen to your favorite music playlist. Fix your hair and makeup. Enjoy the time with your teammates. 

Warmups. Stay focused on you. Tie your shoes. Take your jewelry off and make sure your hair is tight. Focus on each detail and each stunt that goes in the air should be crisp and clean. Smile big and hit your tumbling. Help your teammates out. 

Backstage. Do your team rituals. Stay calm. You have done it a million times there’s no reason to be nervous. Hug your teammates. Hold their hands tight. Say your prayer or sing your song. Be confident. Remember to breathe. 

Next up. Take the floor. Hit each corner. Enjoy the crowd. Hear the music. Stare at the lights. Smile big. This is your moment and you are ready. Get through the routine and Enjoy every single second. 
Remember: you can do anything in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.



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